Tropical Living

For anyone looking to ESCAPE TO AN ISLAND RETREAT, the Tropical Living trend takes you away without ever having to leave your home. Lush greens, natural fibers, bright whites and trendy blush are all incorporated into this versatile look. Playing off last year’s botanical themes, the trend continues to grow with bold themes, exotic birds and tropical plants and flowers.

Resort inspired design focuses on simple, understated elegance. The main color palette greens are mixed with natural elements to create a comfortable space or paired with metallic such as brass and gold to create a more luxurious look. Natural and dark hardwoods help warm the cool green textures.

Classic banana leaf motifs, oversized leaf prints and trendy flamingos dominate the art patterns.  The look is fun and overall patterns are dense and rich in illustrative style. Tonal designs will provide a more muted appeal that is softer and sophisticated in look. Small décor accessories repeat the art patterns with palm inspired candlesticks in warm metallics, tropical patterns in cool white ceramics and natural woven accents to add texture.

Featured Art: