Extraordinary Art & Design.

Exceptional Licensing Partnerships.

It’s not an everyday occurrence to find an art licensing agency that has the very best in artistic talent with the care and attention that goes into a client/agent relationship. Until you’ve met Roaring Brook.

We have built a 20-year history satisfying our clients with the very best in art & design, created by our team of talented artists and skilled graphics specialists. Whether you’re looking for single or sets of art images for wall decor, or designs that utilize coordinated icons and patterning for product collections, it’s all right here. We focus our attention on what matters: finding the right creative solution for the manufacturers and retailers who we partner with. The result: a consistent stream of best-selling products in the home, gift, textile, stationery and housewares industries.

If you’re looking to upgrade your product line with fresh and dynamic art that sells, look to us for a licensing partnership that we strive to make exceptional.