Among the Stars

You’ll find OUT OF THIS WORLD ART featured in our Among the Stars Collections this season, and we’re not alone in highlighting this trend. Shutterstock has predicted space as a major trend of 2018 and Gifts & Decor magazine spotted it featured in recent industry shows! Retailers took notice, and we’re starting to see product featuring various elements of it showcased in stores around the country.

Star Sign with Moon Landscape

The art features moon phases as well as upscale moon, sun and star symbols. Zodiac and constellation signs or characters add an individuality to the trend and are featured on giftable product like necklaces and journals in addition to wall art. Graphic geometric shapes and patterns as well as tribal illustrations lend an extra layer of design to compositions with varied line widths and paint styles. Illustrations have hand drawn flair with brush stroke outlines and weathered edges for more modern appeal.

Color palettes range from deep indigos to sky blues to teals. Rich watercolor textures and heavy paint application accompany illustrations. Accents colors of mustards and oranges as well a warm neutrals help to ground the collections. Metallics foils like gold, silver and copper and glitter accents in shades of blue or iridescent provide a pop of sparkle that shines like the stars. Embellished fabrics like satins and velvet mimic the look and feel of the collection’s inspired paintings. Expect to see both dark and light wood shades accompanying products within the trend. 

Featured Art: