Neutrals Your Way

2018’s big statement trend will be neutrals.
How does this timeless classic fit in your life?



Rooms will feature simple color palettes to allow for the exploration of natural elements. An emphasis will be placed on real wood and organic inspired objects as well as found object accents. Wood, stone and greenery abound in this trend. Landscapes will shine and complement the overall aesthetic of this grouping as well as nature inspired photography.


Neutrals will be mixed with a wide variety of metallics, especially gold, bronze and copper. Metallics will be applied directly to art in the form of foils and leafs or part of an overall room setting in decor accents like vases, candles and lighting.


Gray continues to dominate the market as the color of choice, turning gray from a color trend to the most popular neutral shade. Greige becomes an industry term for the gray neutral.


Clean, simple and sophisticated, black and white never fails to impress. Expect patterns to showcase interesting global graphic styles and bold patterning across multiple departments.


Tone on tone patterning will see a growing interest with focus on experimenting with style, texture and color. This versatility and flexibility in design style allows art to be tailored to a variety of themes and decorating methods. Patterns will be the standalone centerpiece or backdrops to accent the design focal point.


Expect to see pops of warm colors paired with warm neutrals . Blush will continue to shine and take on it’s own new neutral aspect. Colors will be bright and cheery, hedging on the softer, pastel ice cream tones. Brighter and bolder yellows, reds and corals will also make an appearance as neutral bases make these choices more comfortable.


Pantone’s colors of the year for 2017 and 2018 have been cool colors. Soft blues, lavenders and moodier color palettes will be featured to accent cooler neutrals. Decor spans traditional and conservative looks, as well as sleek contemporary settings.


Bold or feminine florals make a resurgence. Large statement pieces appear as well as more complex or delicate floral patterning in textiles and paper goods.


Fabric, metal, mixed media, ceramic and rattan highlight this tactile trend. Woven items give artisan flair and cozy appeal. Expect to see art trends such as painted photography and art with sweeping brush strokes and specialty finishes.


Soft whites in a variety of materials will begin to take center stage. Rooms are clean and calm, creating a timeless appeal. Materials such as marble, subway tile and washed wood continue to dominate industry looks. Oversized knitted blankets and textured throws add cozy appeal. Farmhouse and Hygge trends will pull more from this simple and classic look. The market will leans towards rooms entirely devoted to one color family, allowing art to be the focal point.

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