Introducing our Fall 2018 Art Release!

Welcome to our Fall edition!
It’s been a busy Summer here at Roaring Brook. Creativity and inspiration abounds from our artists. As a result, we are pleased to present to you an exciting new collection of art that we feel is sure to sell. We know you’re going to love our new line, filled with a wide and varied selection of imagery, all focused on each room in the home.
So we ask you: Where does art live in your home? Our homes are our haven, the place where family and friends gather, where our children grow, and where memories are made. Our art should be a reflection of us, our lives and our lifestyles. To this, we bring you art for every room in the home. Whether you’re a chef extraordinaire and love spending time in the kitchen cooking up your favorite dish, we have beautiful new art for the kitchen that suits your lifestyle. Or if relaxing in your family space with a good book is your thing, look up, we have something comforting for this room.
Whether it’s bath time, meal time, relax time or work (at home) time, there is new art for every lifestyle. Enjoy our latest collection, and be sure to visit our new and expanded website at As always, I welcome your feedback and comments. Enjoy Fall!