Introducing Art for Early Spring 2019!

Welcome to our Early Spring Release!
These past months have busy times for all of us at Roaring Brook. Our artists have been working overtime to create what I believe is an exquisite line of fresh and exciting artwork. My staff has been busy crossing all the T’s and dotting I’s to make sure that you are getting this artwork in a timely fashion. And applause to everyone for making that happen!
For me, I’ve spent quite a bit of time traveling for meetings and trade shows. It was just recently after my whirlwind travel that I arrived home letting out a sigh knowing I was home.

I sat in my living room, my place of comfort, my haven from all my visits to places far and wide. My kitchen is where meaningful conversation takes with my family, and of course the best home cooking a guy can come to know. Thank you, Iris! And my den is where we gather for movie night.

Art had always been an important part of my life and my home is the place to express what’s important and what I love. So why not fill your walls with what brings that comfort?

We are thrilled to introduce our Early Spring collection that is sure to bring you visual comfort. Filled with a range of new artwork including abstracts from Andrea Bijou and new to us Marcy Chapman. Enjoy some on-trend imagery from Cynthia Coulter and popular buffalo check from Tre Sorelle Studios. And you gotta love the animal still lifes from Marie Cusson.

Home is your haven. Let us help you decorate it.