Cynthia Coulter Case Study

with Lee’s Group International

Tabletop Collections

Our relationship with Lee’s Group dates back more than 10 years. It was from the beginning that the talent of artist Cynthia Coulter caught their eye. They were immediately attracted to her detailed renderings on a variety of home decor themes, coupled with patterns that coordinated to make for a well-rounded collection. It is this formula that continues be strong in our partnership with Lee’s Group. Coastal is just one of the many genres that has been licensed to Lee’s for their melamine product line.

Curated Collections

As part of the process working with Lee’s Group, Cynthia receives a detailed project listing provided by the product development team. She will spend time sketching, and then painting, the artwork to meet Lee’s design objectives. There can be several weeks of back and forth, with the final result being a well-thought out and saleable product collection to bring to the market.