Artist Q&A: Lu Anne Tyrrell

You’ve said that you are passionate about creating and bringing your ideas to life, tell me about how you discovered this passion – can you think back to when it started?

That is a question I have been asked from time-to-time. For myself, I truly never remember a time when I wasn’t creating in some form. I recall as a child playing with my food, creating castles, moats, trees and more. At one point I even asked my mother if she recalled a start-point of creativity with me. Her answer was…”You were always drawing, creating something, that’s why I was always supplying you with crayons and paper”. My maternal grandfather was very innovative and I use to watch him study a problem and come up with a solution, I think that added to my passion.


Your mixed media images are stunning, and I know that a lot of work can go into that process on the back end. How has technology – and it’s constantly updating nature – influenced / affected your creative process?

I grew up way prior to the onset of technology that we know today. In my younger days, I would mock-up just about everything by hand, including lettering. At first I didn’t know how well I would meld to new media – however, I can honestly say, I definitely enjoy the myriad of options it gives me. I also find it to be very complementary to my art background.


I love that your art has been commissioned by local businesses, like the mural in Applebees and the prints hanging in the bank. Have you always lived in Colorado?

I was born and raised west of Denver. From there, I ventured to Arizona where I attended Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. Shortly thereafter, my mom retired and moved to the Pacific Northwest to be closer to my sister and her family. Since I had never been to the Northwest, I opted to go north to Washington State as well. Less than a month after I arrived in the Pacific Northwest, the idea of going North to Alaska became a reality for me; and as a result I lived and worked in Juneau, Alaska for the season. Having those opportunities was quite an experience; but having grown up in dry-climate, I kept yearning for those brilliant blue Colorado skies. In 1999 I moved back to Colorado, this time to the Western side in Montrose, where I have resided ever since.

If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?

Iceland. I had the wonderful chance of witnessing the Northern Lights twice while I was in Alaska, and Iceland radiates with northern lights and so much more.


I read that your biggest regret was not joining the Peace Corps when you were younger. Do you think that is something you might re-visit as you get older? Where would you want to go, if you got to choose?

If that were to be of interest again with me, I believe I would like to be assigned to Africa.


What is one thing about you that most people don’t know?

I am ambidextrous, and can draw simultaneously with both hands. Additionally I can draw free-flowing with my non-dominant hand. Whenever I pick up the pens, and let and idea flow with both hands, it gives me a great sense of connection.