Karrie Evenson

A self-taught artist, Karrie recalls spending most of her childhood doodling, painting or always doing something creative. It wasn’t until her youngest of three children was born when she decided to take her love for art to the next level. She contributes much of her creativity from the inspiration she gets being a mother and living in the Ozark Mountains, surrounded by nature. As an avid animal lover, she loves to focus on creating spunky creatures, giving them personality and attitude the way she imagines them. Not only does Karrie create the art, she also has taught painting workshops as well as co- produce and host her own television show “Karrie On Canvas”, which was a painting how-to show , teaching others how to paint freely and let go. Karrie is now solely focused on creating art and continuing to embrace her inner child so that her imagination will never grow old! “Having fun is the most important part of creating art! Learning to let your inner child’s wild imagination come to life is one of the greatest gifts we could be given.”

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