Noonday Design

Tracey Coon of Noonday Design was born in North Carolina and has since lived in Ecuador, Tennessee, Florida and has called the greater Seattle area of Washington state home now for the past 14 years. She has been interested in art since she was old enough to hold a crayon and art has been a major part of her life through the years. After working as a graphic designer for many years, she decided to leave the graphic design world and focus on creating art that she enjoyed the most. Tracey particularly enjoys creating fun, whimsical, and colorful art that portrays the natural world and everyday life in new and interesting ways.

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RB11479ND Stacked Owls.jpg
RB11479ND Stacked Owls
RB11520ND Dreams & Soar I.jpg
RB11520ND Dreams & Soar I
RB11521ND Dreams & Soar II.jpg
RB11521ND Dreams & Soar II
RB11477ND Owl Always Love You.jpg
RB11477ND Owl Always Love You
RB11466ND Woodland Babies III.jpg
RB11466ND Woodland Babies III
RB11467ND Woodland Babies IV.jpg
RB11316ND Happy Day Trio I.jpg
RB11316ND Happy Day Trio I
RB11317ND Happy Day Trio II.jpg
RB11318ND Happy Day Trio III.jpg
RB11456ND Baby Safari I.jpg
RB11456ND Baby Safari I
RB11457ND Baby Safari II.jpg
RB11457ND Baby Safari II
RB11458ND Baby Safari III.jpg
RB11458ND Baby Safari III
RB11459ND Baby Safari IV.jpg
RB11459ND Baby Safari IV
RB11464ND Woodland Babies I.jpg
RB11464ND Woodland Babies I
RB11465ND Woodland Babies II.jpg
RB11465ND Woodland Babies II
RB11257ND Time to Unwind I.jpg
RB11257ND Time to Unwind I
RB11258ND Time to Unwind II.jpg
RB11258ND Time to Unwind II
RB11308ND Color Splash Sayings IV.jpg
RB11308ND Color Splash Sayings IV