Chip Forelli

Chip Forelli’s award winning photographic career encompasses 25 years as a professional photographer with publication credits including Communication Arts, Photo District News, Graphics, New York Times magazine section, Lenswork and Lürzer’s Archive. His images are incorporated into all Apple Macintosh operating systems as desktop background choices. With lecturing and teaching credentials from the International Center of Photography and the Maine Media Workshops along with international gallery representation, Chip has received reviews from the New York Times praising his “otherworldly lighting” and “intense compositions”.

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RB10915CF Urban View III 24x24.jpg
RB10915CF Urban View III
RB10913CF Urban View I 24x24.jpg
RB10913CF Urban View I
RB10914CF Urban View II 24x24.jpg
RB10914CF Urban View II
RB10919CF Tree Parade 22x28.jpg
RB10919CF Tree Parade
RB10920CF Tuscan Morning 24x24.jpg
RB10920CF Tuscan Morning
RB10918CF Sunlit Pond 24x24.jpg
RB10918CF Sunlit Pond
RB10917CF Parisian Spring 22x28.jpg
RB10917CF Parisian Spring