Jan Weiss

Born and raised in suburban Northern California, artist Jan Weiss received her fine art degree from California State University – East Bay with an emphasis on human rendering, but discovered in later years a love for mixed media, glue, paint, gel mediums and textured paper. Inspired by views from textures in the earth, multi-cultural colors, patterns and handmade paper, Jan uses this inspiration to express an original thought, a unique idea and an individual expression.
In recent years Jan has added digital design to her growing body of work. Using a digital drawing pad and pen, she creates bold abstract florals, rich landscapes and expressive and engaging patterns that can be applied to a number of product designs. Images are layered with watercolor effects offering finished pieces in intense color tones and compelling hues.
Jan currently lives and maintains a studio in the Bay Area with her husband, cat and dog in an energetic positive environment that encourages her to live an artistic life.

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RB10925JW Color Splash II 24x24.jpg
RB10925JW Color Splash II
RB10926JW Color Splash III 24x24.jpg
RB10926JW Color Splash III
RB10924JW Color Splash I 24x24.jpg
RB10924JW Color Splash I