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Dear Art Buyer,

Welcome to our Early Summer 2017 edition!

PosterESu17_tripleAt last the milder weather has graced us on the east coast. We are surrounding ourselves with green grasses, blue skies and lots of sunshine. Flowers are everywhere, reminding me that early Summer is in bloom at Roaring Brook, too! Right away you’ll notice Tre Sorelle Studios’ Rainbow Garden as one example of extraordinary art that is bursting with color and sure to light up any room.

Another feature to our new line is the Cotton Boll craze! Inspired by the farmhouse chic look – and the elements of nature – our new Cotton Boll imagery and sentiments will create comfort in any interior space.

We are also pleased to introduce a new photography from Hugh A. Dunne. Actually, H.A. Dunne‘s work is not so new. In fact, it ranges from the 1890’s to the 1950’s right here in my hometown of New York City! These beautiful, vintage photographs remind us of simpler days – while still feeling as relevant as ever. I’ve always believed that what’s old is new again!RB-11535MC-Rustic-World-Map

And how can I not call out Rustic World Map – featured on the cover of this supplement. Marie-Elaine Cusson has created a magnificent work of art with beautiful teals and shimmery golds. Call it what you prefer, and hang it where you like – I can only say “Wow!”

Enjoy our latest collection in all it’s splendor, and be sure to write me with your comments and thoughts. Have a blast this summer!


Gary Levine
President/Creative Director

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